Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad

Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad

  • Security+ rolling code technology protects your home from code grabbers
  • Allows garage access without remote using private 4-digit security code
  • No wiring required, mounts with just the two included screws
  • Programmable access feature allows you to set a one-time access code
  • Compatible with 390 MHz units

Lets you open or close the garage door from the exterior of the house with a key pad no wiring necessary. Rolling code technology. Uses 12V battery. Flip up cover for protection from the elements. Compatible with Security+ operators only. Illuminated fo

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List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 35.29

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5 Responses to “Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad”

  1. Javed Sheikh says:

    Review by Javed Sheikh for Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad
    Pros: Sturdy, made from the same company as Garage door opener, Lit keypad, Easy to install, comes with 9V battery and screws

    Cons: The battery compartment lid is not easy to open, only 4 digit code can be used

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the button on the garage door opener is RED, otherwise you need another keypad model. check this link

    When syncing the code with opener, remember to sync this keypad, car remotes and garage door opener button simultaneously. This means that

    1-Press RED button on motor,green LED is lit

    2-Enter 4 digit code on remote (as desired)

    3-Now press enter key + car remote key + garage door opener button(fixed on wall ,not the RED button) at the same time (may require two persons) , ligth will blink and now all the devices will be synced. If you miss any remote during this process ,it will not work.Of course you can repeat the process.

    4-Check all remotes and keypad are working

    5-Now install it on the wall, for one of the screws you have to open the battery lid.

    I don’t know about the long term reliability of the product because it has only been a week since i have installed it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Review by for Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad
    The Keypad is a must. It is very easy to use and install. Setting a temporary code is very useful when you grant someone access to your garage.

  3. Kevin Nicholls says:

    Review by Kevin Nicholls for Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad
    First: this product is intended for Security+ garage door openers made before 2005. If you have a Security+ opener with a grey antenna wire and/or an red/orange “learn” button on the back, you should be all set. Hopefully, that helps out anyone deciding which model they need.

    My opener was made in ’97 and has the orange button, and it took me longer to read the instructions than it took to actually program this to work with my opener. You hit the button, enter the code you want, and hold down the Enter button for a few seconds. That’s it.

    Mounting it was a breeze. You put a screw in where you want to hang the keypad, slide the keypad on the screw, and then put in a second screw where the battery goes (just under the pad) to keep it secure. They even included the 9V battery!

    Seriously. If you have a drill, the whole setup and installation takes maybe five minutes.

    I was also really happy to save nearly a third of what the local home improvement chains wanted for a flimsy “universal” keypad by buying from Amazon.

  4. Lee E. Tobey says:

    Review by Lee E. Tobey for Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad
    The product description failed to state that the keypad was intended for garage door openers manufactured prior to a certain date. My garage door opener was new. It was sent back to Amazon for a quick return and credit to my account. Thanks.

  5. Andy says:

    Review by Andy for Chamberlain 940CB Security and Wireless Keypad
    The packaging of this keypad shows that it does not work with newer garage openers, but the product description on Amazon did not say anything about this. So I had to return it and get the Chamberlain Clicker on Amazon for a little bit more money. That one worked fine.

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