Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad Reviews

Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad

  • Works with 99.9% of garage door openers
  • Smart Learn button
  • Programs in seconds
  • Bright, backlit keypad
  • Uses a private, 4 digit code


Rating: (out of 85 reviews)

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 24.15

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5 Responses to “Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad Reviews”

  1. J. Atkinson says:

    Review by J. Atkinson for Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad
    This product was extremely easy to program (took about 5 mins, including reading the instructions), push a few buttons, push one on the opener, and BINGO, it’s done! It has been great not needing the car keys to get into the garage from outside.

    I can’t speak to the longevity of this product, as I just got it about 1 month ago. It appears, however, that the new model only functions for a few seconds after you enter the code, which eliminates the concerns of reviewers of the old model had, that someone could come up right after they walk away and hit a button to open the door.

    Final note, it is really more of an off-white/cream color. Luckily, that is what I really wanted.

  2. Dana R. says:

    Review by Dana R. for Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad
    The best feature of the Chamberlain keypad is that it requires no additional wiring for installation. Once you program the keypad to your garage door opener, it’s ready to attach (2 screws). It took me a couple tries to complete the programming, due to the fact I was not fully depressing the numbers on the keypad when programming the code. I would highly recommend.

  3. A. Brady says:

    Review by A. Brady for Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad
    After trying to program it a dozen times, it wouldn’t work with my Genie Opener (circa 2003). Being Sunday, Customer Service consisted of a recording of the instructions, verbatim. So I went to the website and viewed the instructional video… well – I felt dumb. The step I was doing incorrectly was the first step!

    1) HOLD both * and # until the lights stop flashing then enter…

    2) your 4-digit PIN

    3) #

    4) opener ID (mine was 6)

    5) #

    6) press the learn key on the front of the Genie opener (you must hold the Clicker no more than 2 feet away from the Genie)

    7) 4-digit PIN

    8) 00

    Once the lights on the Clicker turn off, key in your code (followed by 0) and the door should open.

    TIP: I printed an abridged version of these instructions on my P-Touch and stuck them under the battery for future convenience

    PROS: It works well – The entire keypad lights up – the white color blends in with the trim – comes with a 9-volt battery – easy to install (2 screws)

    CONS: I gave this 3 stars because the keypad is not alphanumeric (you cannot use a word for your code) – It doesn’t have the option of assigning a temporary code, which my previous Genie keypad offered – Instructions were not clear enough – The cover slides off when you open it

  4. G.S. says:

    Review by G.S. for Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad
    Remote is easy to program and works great. Buttons have a good feel, backlite is bright and it uses a standard 9 volt battery.

  5. Dean! says:

    Review by Dean! for Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad
    This is the second I’ve purchased for the second house I’ve owned and it works great. The price is reasonable and it is somewhat future-proof. Meaning, I could have purchased a Genie specific keypad, but with THIS keypad, I can change garage door openers (which I have) and simply re-program this and it will work with any new garage door opener I may install.

    My only real complaints are minor:

    1. I wish this had a simple “Enter” key to press instead of the unintuitive “0″ key. I have a special way to memorize numbers and basically you have to remember that the 5th digit is always a zero.

    2. No ‘Temporary’ code for you to give to the electrician or plumber or whomever, like I could with my Genie keypad. Changing pins is simple enough, but you have to remember to change it back (or what you changed it to), with the Genie, you can always use your personal pin to override anything.

    3. The cover is not the best design, when pushing the cover up, sometimes it sticks, so you put more force on it and it comes flying off. I solved this by putting a screw at the top of its path, so it doesn’t come flying off. Not elegant appearing, but it works. The Genie has a hinge which works great.

    In summary:

    If this had a ‘temporary’ code, an ‘Enter’ key, and a hinged/flip-up cover, this would be 5 stars. But the fact it works and it works with 99.9% of all garage doors, well, it gets the job done.

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