Garage door opener keypad – Why use one?

Garage door opener keypad – Why use one?

Have you ever worried about losing your garage door opener remote control? A garage door opener keypad (sometimes called a garage door opener keyless entry) is the answer you’ve been looking for. Garage door opener keypads are simple devices that get attached to the wall right outside your garage.

There are a lot of great reasons to have a garage door opener keypad installed. As I already mentioned, you will never have to worry about losing your garage door remote control. These keypads also give you the freedom to give your kids or trusted workers the ability to come in to your home without you having to be there. Kids can come home from school and safely enter the home.

A garage door opener keypad works by you entering a code into the keypad on the wall outside the garage. The code is then recognized by the garage door opener and the door automatically opens.  The keycode used for the opener can be changed as often as you like. It is recommended to change it often.

Some garage door opener keypads are wired and some are wireless.

Not all garage door opener keypads work for every door. You must take the time to research that the keypad you choose is the right one that will work for the installed garage door opener.

3 Responses to “Garage door opener keypad – Why use one?”

  1. aladin says:

    lol, this is good. and eliminates the hassle of finding the remote. but also makes me leave my car to open the garage door and also remember the code. i am too lazy for that.

    why not make the car itself open the door of the garage when they face each other. it will be easier and smoother.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, many cars do have the ability to program a button in the car to open the garage door. I will be discussing this in future articles.

  3. aladin says:

    Thanks for the fast response. how much that keypad cost? it will be good to have it as alternative. in case i cant find the remote. i am lazy to get out of the car but not lazy enough to leave it out. :)

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