GE 45130 Choice-Alert Wireless Garage Door Sensor

GE 45130 Choice-Alert Wireless Garage Door Sensor

  • Sends continuous notification when garage door is open
  • Operates up to 150-Feet away
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Low battery notification
  • Patented sensing technology

GE WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEMThe GE 45130 Choice Alert Wireless Garage Door Sensor helps secure your expensive automobiles and outdoor equipment by monitoring any overhead door, sending an alert to your Choice Alert Wireless Control Center when the door has been opened. The gravity-activated sensor is powered by a long-lasting lithium battery (included), is completely wire-free, requires no electricity, and easily installs without drilling..caption {font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif;

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3 Responses to “GE 45130 Choice-Alert Wireless Garage Door Sensor”

  1. Jimmy Q says:

    Review by Jimmy Q for GE 45130 Choice-Alert Wireless Garage Door Sensor
    Works great after your realize the 150 feet remote range is questionable. It took us 2 weeks to figure out we had to move the control box closer to the remotes. Works great now and lets us know if either door is open or closed from living room. We don’t have to go downstairs to check. Also I didn’t realize remotes don’t come with control box and had to order seperately after the fact.

  2. David says:

    Review by David for GE 45130 Choice-Alert Wireless Garage Door Sensor
    Nice idea if it worked. Bought this and the GE receiver in hopes of having an alarm on my garage door. Installed the sensing device on the garage door and followed instructions on how to have the receiver recognize the garage door sensor. The device would not connect to the receiver after repeated tries. Have sent both items back for a refund.

  3. Mark Murray says:

    Review by Mark Murray for GE 45130 Choice-Alert Wireless Garage Door Sensor
    This GE Garage Sensor works great and easy to install at the base of any of the typical 3 vertical braces of a paneled garage door, using only two (2) #6-5/8″ or #8 metal screws. My suggestion would be to make sure switch plunger 3/4 extended before selecting mounting position of the left-side 2 mounting holes. The right-side holes should be left vacant for mounting an optional Radio-Shack dual “C-size” open battery plastic holder (cat#270-385 @$1.79). When those +red/-blk leads carefully soldered to a depleated +3VDC cell (new cell included with sensor) & some slight lead notching to GE battery cover, the result will basically boost the power longevity x71 of that sensor; being that the 3V/225 mAH cells is now in parallel with two C-batteries at 16,000 mAH. Just have to make sure that using high-watt solder-gun only, using a dab of solder on cell edges, and insure polarities are correct. Then simply slip the spent cell back into its sensor slot, with leads oriented outwards and through the notched cell cover. Then mount C-size battery holder with just 1 #6 3/4-in screw, or more secured with #6 or #8 1-in. bolt, nut & lock-washer.

    However! If mounting this garage sensor and the controller(s) are inside, highly recommend purchasing at least one GE-45138 Signal Repeater, using 1/2 of a in-garage 120VAC duplex-outlet, with adjustable antennae (suggest @ 60 deg). Plus the 45138 acts as a good tester: i.e., when garage sensor activates, the LED on the repeater should quickly flash in succession about 5 times, along with LED on the garage sensor.

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