Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad Reviews

Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad

  • Completely wireless – powered by one 9-volt battery (included)
  • Single manufacturer/single frequency design – you pick the manufacturer and frequency for the garage door you want to open
  • Weatherproof, slide-up protective cover
  • Backlit keypad makes numbers easy to see, even in the dark
  • Contact Chamberlain Liftmaster to make sure the 387LM is compatible with your opener.

The 387LM Keyless Entry is compatible with the following brand openers: Genie® Intellicode 1995 to Present, Linear/Moore-o-Matic® from 1997 to Present, Stanley® from 1998 to Present, Overhead Door CodeDodger® 2005 to Present, Wayne-Dalton® from 1999 to Present, Craftsman®, Chamberlain®, LiftMaster® , 300/310/315/372/390 MHz compatible. Note: Not compatible with Marantec or Hormann, Overhead 312Mhz, 360Mhz, 380Mhz, 390Mhz Openers. To verify if this is compatible with your opener, contact

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7 Responses to “Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad Reviews”

  1. Jerry W says:

    Review by Jerry W for Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad
    I was worried about replacing my Stanley SecureCode keyless since they do not make them anymore. This Liftmaster works perfectly. Setup was quick and easy. I was greatly relieved that this would work on my garage door.

    • Ken Linville says:

      In the programming instructions under step 7 it says to enter dip switch sequence from step 3 and press # key. How are the dip switch numbers entered? Do you put the keypad number in and then the dip switch number or visa versa. I simply don’t understand this step. Any help will be appreciated.

      • admin says:

        Based on the garage door opener type, step number 3 has you record the dip switch sequence by entering a numeric value for each switch. Example: for type 2, the each dip switch has an on/off value (some have 3 values). Looking at the dip switch bank, for each dip that is set on, you enter the value of 1. If the dip switch is off, you enter a value of 2. So step 3 will have you create this code by entering a series of 1′s and 2′s. This sequence is what you enter into the keypad for step 7. Hope this helps. If you still have questions let me know.

  2. Just a guy says:

    Review by Just a guy for Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad
    If your garage opener uses dip switches, like mine, this was a very easy set up. The instructions were spot on. Very easy to use and easy to program/install. Very highly recommend. Everyone should have one of these.

  3. fresnoman says:

    Review by fresnoman for Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad
    Easy to installed . Program would take a minutes. I would recommended this wireless keypad.

  4. Todd says:

    Review by Todd for Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad
    This Liftmaster 387LM keypad was super easy to install and program. Straight forward process to install took me about 5 minutes total. Casing is solid and protects the keypad very well. My garage door faces WNW and we had a pretty bad thunderstorm blow in about an hour after I installed the keypad. The cover was soaked from the rain, but keypad underneath was high and dry after the storm blew through. Another nice feature of the keypad is that the keys are back lit. Very easy to see in the dark.

  5. Jack Huisman says:

    Review by Jack Huisman for Liftmaster Chamberlain 387lm Wireless Keypad
    I couldn’t use this item as it was sent, but it turns out it might have been great, were it not for their sorry tech support.

    I have an older overhead garage door opener (from Overhead Door) and the “Product Description” when I ordered this indicated that it worked with 99.9% of all overhead doors (as does the garage door opener in our new car that works fine). Well, our model is too old to work with this item. Getting in touch with Chamberlain customer service was difficult. Their Tech Support phone number goes to a variety of voice mail automated answers – none of which could simply tell me if it would work with my model or did I need to return it. They had a ‘live chat’ feature on their website, but even when the website said it was up, after you tried, you got a message saying it couldn’t connect for some reason. I sent in a email to their tech support to which they replied without reading that I needed to try a certain button combination (that I had tried and indicated in the email). That, of course, did not work. Another email and this time they read it and said it would not work with my model and to send it back. I did and got the refund.


    A few days later, I got another tech support email saying, “In order to allow the Clicker remote control to communicate with your opener, you would need to purchase an “external receiver”. Our model 365LM receiver plugs in to a standard electrical outlet, and connects to your opener using two wires that can be attached to the same wire terminals that are used by the hard wired wall control button.” That is what I wanted to know in the first place.

    Unfortunately, I had already sent the unit back and decided just to hide key outside, a simpler but lot less fun solution.

    Chamberlain has since sent a couple more emails telling me how important customer satisfaction is to them and I whined this same story in response (i.e. how their voice mail is poor and the chat doesn’t work) but they never replied to my complaints. However, at least the description is clearer now.

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