Three common types of garage door openers

A garage door opener is a mechanical device that opens and closes your garage door by simply pressing a button. The button can be located on the wall inside your garage or an a remote control. A garage door opener will automatically lock the garage door when it is closed. This provides a benefit over a garage door with no automatic opener. It is also beneficial to have a garage door opener so you can open the garage door from within your car without having to go out in bad weather, get soaking wet just to open the door. With a click of a button, the door is open and you are in without any fuss. There is also a keypad that can be installed on the outside wall of your garage. A keypad uses a code that someone enters. When the correct code is entered, the door is opened. This alleviates the pain of having many garage door opener remote controls and the possibility of someone getting a hold of yours to use to break into your home.

The following 3 types of garage door openers are the most often used in a residential setting:

Chain Drive: The chain drive type of gararage door opener is the oldest and most popular type of opener used today. It works by pulling back the chain that is attached to the garage door intently pulling it up. However this type of garage door opener can be noisy.This is not a good option if the garage is under a bedroom or near a room where quiet is treasured. On the other hand, some people might appreciate being warned (via the noise of the garage opening) that someone is about to enter the house.

Belt Drive: Belt drive garage door openers are very similar to the chain drive types. The only difference is that they use a rubber belt instead of a chain to pull the garage door open. This is the one of the quietest types of garage openers, although they do tend to be a little more costly that the chain drive.

Screw Drive: A screw drive garage door opener operates by the motor of the garage door opern turning a screw inside a metal tube. A screw drive opener is generally used for heavier garage door applications. They are usually reasonably priced in between chain and belt drives.

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